Design and Build from Inception to Completion

Armen Firman has the precise skill and expertise to handle any project from the design stage to the execution of a build offering a full turnkey service. Our team can provide complete building services, including: assisting in obtaining planning permission, design development, quality control, and safety measures.

Our goal is to ease the stress associated with building so our clients can focus on other important things.


You can count on us to deliver exceptional building work for all your projects. From utilising top-quality materials to ensuring everything goes smoothly, call Armen Firman on 0113 873 0047.

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Design and Build

Steps Involved in Our Design and Build

Our design and build solutions are tailored to your desired needs. We follow the best building approach and practices to ensure an award-winning result.

Step 1: Project Discussion

The first step in achieving exceptional project success is taking the time to understand what our client needs. We carefully pay attention to every detail in order to come up with a solution that works for you.

We combine innovations and creative ideas that are important to any design potential. From the start to the finish, we focus on YOU.

Step 2: Design

After taking the time to understand your requirements, the next step is Design. We visualize a design process that will facilitate an excellent project outcome.

As expected, taking the time for a great design will eventually result in a well-planned design process. It leads to an amazing structure.

Step 3: Making it happen

Following the project discussion and design phases, architectural drawings are produced by our approved reputable architect practice. Enabling the on-site team to carry out the works.

As your design and build contractor, we bring industry expertise with knowledge of best practices across the Design and Build industry. Also, our committed team of skilled professionals offers extensive experience in providing all phases of a new build. Whether you’re restructuring an entire building or making a new one from scratch, our leading systems and processes will enhance a successful project completion.