Providing structural surveys and expert practical advice.

Armen Firman has a wealth of experience in inspecting all types of structures across Leeds and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our experts, we have been responsible for Structural Designs of buildings, construction supervision, and investigating structural integrity.  

Our structural survey approach is thorough and our reports are clear & easy to comprehend. We give practical advice and recommendations that allow you to make well-informed decisions.

What makes us different?

Residential PROJECTS

Whether for your peace of mind or as part of a mortgage condition, our structural survey experts can help you. We are happy to carry out a full structural survey on your property or inspect a specific defect.

Our structural engineers have experience in all kinds of construction approaches, including steel-framed systems or timber-framed houses. Our results are detailed and easy to interpret. We can also advise on intrusive investigation and testing.

Commercial Structural Surveys

Armen Firman does not only offer residential services. In fact, our chartered Structural Engineers can undertake commercial structural surveys to investigate building integrity. We partner with corporate clients, helping them in managing their buildings. Our solutions include Pre-acquisition structural surveys, Structural feasibility studies, and Development advice.

Structural Surveys

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If you’re looking for professional residential or commercial structural surveys in the Leeds area, Armen Firman is your go-to solution. Our team is committed to bringing you the peace of mind you truly deserve. You can count on us in helping you with the survey for mortgage or during permitting requirements.

Whether you are planning an extension or converting an existing structure, we can provide the survey you need. Request a FREE quote today!